The Cumberland School Department will have a Chromebook pick up/drop off every Wednesday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm at the Cumberland High School to allow for the following: 

Chromebook loaner pickup for devices that are not working

If a student has a Chromebook that does not power on or has some other hardware or physical issue, you may come tomorrow to pick up a loaner Chromebook. If you have a charger that does not work, please bring the broken charger to be swapped. 

You must bring your existing device that is broken or not working to receive a loaner device.

This Chromebook pickup event will not be for software support issues or software related problems.

If you require additional support for other issues please visit the District Website at  

Please go to the Cumberland High School back parking area and follow the signs to the business office. Please enter the back parking area at the entrance after the Wellness Center off Farm Drive. The location for pick up is between the round transitional building and the high school. The entrance is directly across the walkway from the business office entrance. There will be signs posted.   

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