CUMBERLAND – Cumberland High School Principal Adolfo Costa nominated Mr. Crowly for the Cumberland School Department’s Education Support Professional of the Year.

“In nominating Mr. Crowley for support professional of the year, I take on the responsibility of highlighting this educators commitment to the students and families of Cumberland. This year we celebrate his 20th year of service to our community. I have come into contact with few individuals that match Mr. Crowley’s dedication to our student body.

During Spirit Week, Mr. Crowley is leaned on for his leadership at every event. On Tuesday, Mr. Crowley is busy refereeing our powder puff football games, on Wednesday he MC’s the lip sync contest, on Thursday night’s class clash, he is busy organizing the activities, starting with, of course, a student favorite, Shipwreck and on Friday he again takes center stage hosting the pep-rally. Mr. Crowley’s efforts at these events year after year are greatly appreciated, as he brings excitement and spirit to our students. His positive interactions with students go far beyond this important week at CHS. Mr. Crowley can be found coaching the girl’s softball team or at one of the many dances that students attend. He is a dependable member of our staff whose motto just might be, “just let me know what you need me to do.”

During many years of transition in our ALP program, Mr. Crowley provided some foundation year after year, helping new teachers as they become familiar with their new and challenging environment. This past year, after speaking to me, he chose to take on a new challenge as the high school shifted academic supports to the library to build our Academic Support Center. He is demonstrating a leadership role as he works with a team of educators who service students with academic and social-emotional challenges while maintaining traditional library offerings.

Mr. Crowley is a tremendous asset to Cumberland High School and very few students will ever walk through this school without interacting with Mr. Crowley at some point in their high school years. He is not someone that I take for granted as I know that he supports so much of what we do academically and culturally. He is a humble individual who simply wants to be a member of our community but he is not simply a member, he is a unifying force.”

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