School Bus Routes

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Transportation Information

The Cumberland School Committee provides transportation for all students within the Town limits who reside so far from school as to make their regular attendance impractical. In addition, the Committee provides transportation for students attending public or private non-profit schools beyond the Town limits providing the schools are located within the appropriate region and are established as regional schools as per the State statues.
Students may be expected to walk the following distances to their school or bus stop given that the walking route is deemed safe:

Kindergarten 3/4 mile
Grades 1 – 5    3/4 mile
Grades 6 – 8     1.5 miles
Grades 9 – 12    2 miles

The Committee annually approves all bus routes and bus stops within thirty (30) days after the opening of
school and only such approved routes are to be followed.


2020-21 Request to Change Student Transportation Form

Elementary School Street Listings


We have been informed by Durham that the software (VersaTrans) which is used to program Cumberland’s boundary map does have a glitch which occasionally will duplicate streets in different boundary listings.

The street listings can be off on occasion with homes within 80 feet of a boundary line. Knowing this, efforts have been made to manually correct the software glitch. If questions do arise please contact Durham at 401-334-3745.


Ashton List.pdf
BF Norton List.pdf
Community List.pdf
JJM Cumberland Hill List.pdf
Garvin List.pdf
Cumberland K-5 Boundaries Map Updated 5_18_2012.pdf
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