John J. McLaughlin Cumberland Hill Elementary School

 205 Manville Hill Road
Cumberland, RI 02864
Debra Malcolm, Principal
Main Office Tel: (401) 658-1660
Fax Tel: (401) 658-0046
Twitter @chillpride1
School Hours:  Start Time 9:15am / End Time 3:40pm

Our Mission Statement

John J. McLaughlin Cumberland Hill School is a place of excellence where students build a strong foundation for academic, creative, and personal development, empowering them to become life-long learners.

 Vision Statement

Our students excel in a diverse, innovative learning environment that supports and empowers each individual to achieve his or her own personal best.  Through learning experiences, our students develop academically, artistically, socially, and emotionally in order to be prepared for our ever-changing world.

 Belief statement

Education is a lifelong journey. At Cumberland Hill we are laying a strong foundation for tomorrow’s future. Students are our focus and the educational process is valued and shared by the home, school, community and business industry. We believe all students are capable of achieving high academic standards.  Students are encouraged and supported to be responsible for their academic performance and behavior. Our curriculum addresses cognitive, physical, cultural and social/emotional needs of every student. Every student must be provided the opportunity to increase their self-esteem in a cooperative and diverse community where teachers and students see themselves as a partnership. Our learning environment must provide opportunities for students to communicate effectively, think critically and creatively, solve problems competently, and to act as responsible citizens. Education and instructional practices must be relevant to the technological needs of the ever-changing world in which we live in. Our school culture demonstrates an emotionally and physically safe place for both students and staff to become academically and socially productive. At Cumberland Hill, each student, parent, and staff member is treated with respect and valued as a contributing member of our team.

JJM Cumberland Hill Elementary School is a k – 5 school in the northern part of Rhode Island. The mission of JJM Cumberland Hill Elementary is to be a place of excellence where students build a strong foundation for academic, creative, and personal development.  We strive to empower them to become lifelong learners. Students, staff, and families believe in each other and have established values to support those beliefs. We believe in treating all with dignity and respect, setting high expectations, accountability, and no excuses, only results. As a school, we believe we can conquer any challenge.


In our school, we consider ourselves a family. As in all families, we face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. We have a diverse group of learners who require differentiation and additional supports in order to achieve their full potential. Additional staffing to support English Language Learners, students with disabilities, students with social-emotional needs, and students who excel in various subject areas has allowed us to provide “what every student needs”!


As a school family, the entire staff implemented a “classroom meeting” to facilitate and build relationships and connections with students and their teachers. As a result, students reported feeling safe and comfortable having difficult conversations with at least one adult in the building. The school-wide behavior data declined and students built collaborative and healthy relationships with one another. As a school family, we are laying the foundations for all students to learn grow and develop into healthy and happy members of the community.

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