Youth Work Permits (Certificate of Age) & (Special Limited Permit to Work) State of RI

Do You Need A Work Permit?

Work permits are required for ages 14 through 17

At this time our process for issuing work permits for youths has been changed. Please follow the process below to allow us to quickly provide you with the most appropriate permit.

  1.       You must have a promise of employment. Please have your prospective employer complete the “Intention to Employ Minor” form for RI jobs found at
  2.       Send an email to to arrange for an appointment with Bonnie Drezek or Marian Varone in the Human Resources Office. During this meeting, you will be required to present the original completed “Intention to Employ Minor” form.  If you are not a student in the Cumberland School System you will need to demonstrate proof of age (via a birth certificate or valid driver license).
  3.       At the scheduled appointment time you will arrive at the Cumberland High School Transitional/Administration Building.  Please wear a face mask.  You will be provided with additional direction prior to entering the building.

If the job is in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you should contact the school department in the city or town where the job is located.

For additional information, you can contact Bonnie Drezek @401-658-1600 x 327 or Marian Varone @ 401-658-1600 x320

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