Superintendent Phil Thornton is pleased to announce Cumberland’s 2021 District Education Support Professional of the Year – Lori Joubert 

We congratulate Lori on this outstanding achievement! As an Administrative Assistant at John J. McLaughlin Elementary School (currently located at the CHS Transitional Building), she has multi-faceted responsibilities throughout the school day.  Lori is dedicated, hard-working and a true asset to the school. She starts her day with a smile and greets everyone in a warm and friendly manner. She is readily available to provide assistance to the school’s faculty, staff, students and their families. We are very lucky to have her working in our school system!

Lori was recognized at the Cumberland School Committee meeting on Thursday, November 18, 2021. 

Ms. Debra Malcolm, Principal at JJM Cumberland Hill Elementary School submitted the following nomination: 

It is an honor to nominate Mrs. Lori Joubert as the 2021 – 2022 Support Professional of the Year. Lori began working for the Cumberland School District in 2000 as a lunch monitor and office secretary at Community School. She completed the paraprofessional course and worked as a paraprofessional substitute and part-time school secretary for 6 years until being hired full time in 2011. Through those years, Lori developed a positive reputation as a consummate professional supporting the students and staff she worked with. As Lori developed her skills, she took on the role of paraprofessional in the ICan program at BF Norton. This move allowed Lori to strengthen her skill set in supporting students in crisis who typically presented with significant behavior, academic, and social emotional needs. She became Safety Care certified and successfully implemented techniques for de-escalation of those students she was assigned to support. 

Lori then faced what would prove to be one of the most challenging periods of her life. In November of 2017, Lori’s beloved husband, Glenn, died suddenly.Thanks to her strong and professional nature , Lori returned to her position at BF Norton. She found her work to be fulfilling and as a means for her to positively influence those around her. Lori continued to work as a paraprofessional at BF Norton, supporting students who were most at risk academically and emotionally. 

In 2021, Lori  took a professional leap and accepted the newly opened position of JJM Cumberland Hill building secretary. Since joining the staff of Cumberland Hill, Lori continually demonstrates what a strong, good-natured, and professional individual she truly is. Lori began her career as a building secretary working out of boxes in a temporary space at Ashton Elementary. One of Lori’s many character traits I appreciate is her  ability to be flexible. She was open to any and all assistance and guidance provided by the previous secretary, current secretaries, members of the Human Resources Department and Business Office, as well as myself and Mrs. Karbonik. She fielded questions from parents, ordered materials for the school, learned all there is to know about ASPEN, and met the staff. This was all done with the utmost respect and positivity and her trademark good humor.

Lori continued to support the staff and students as we moved into the Transitional Building for the 2021-2022 school year. When faced with multiple, daily challenges such as a lack of paper or functioning copy machines, incomplete material orders, obtaining coverage for classrooms, Safety Care calls for dysregulated students, Lori rises to the occasion and works to provide solutions to each crisis. As she currently works in the main foyer of the building, she does this while tolerating drilling, banging, glass installation, and the continuous opening of the main doors. As of Monday, November 1, 2021, Lori has yet to experience the pleasure of claiming her own office. 

Many members of the Cumberland Hill School family have expressed what a positive addition Lori has been to our school. She is always pleasant, positive, helpful and kind. Lori quickly developed positive relationships with several students, including a student who experiences severe anxiety each morning when entering the building. Lori greets him and provides empathy and support as the student transitions into the building and eventually the classroom. 

Lori has provided continuous support to me as the building administrator. She is always willing to assist when a student is in crisis, develop coverage for a classroom, completes required drills, and collaborates with all district departments.  

Lori demonstrates constant and consistent dedication to the students and staff of the Cumberland School District. She is a consummate professional who contributes  strong interpersonal skills for assisting in the success of JJM Cumberland Hill Elementary. I am honored and humbled to have the honor to work with such a caring, positive, and supportive individual. 

With deepest gratitude,

Debra Malcolm and the Cumberland Hill Staff

 I have included a few incidents from the staff to illustrate the kind and caring individual Lori is.

Lori warmed my heart when a counselor wasn’t available or someone that a boy was supposed to check in with. Lori came hustling down the hall with me and saw the kid outside of the “office.”  Before the kid could be upset, Lori said with a big smile on her face something like, oh “James” I’m so glad that I can chat with you today it looks like

you’re having a good day, tell me about it. The kid was beaming; secretary, counselor… So many hats! 

 Lori never acts like you are a nuisance and is willing to help. “ You need journals, I’ll climb through the obstacle course of boxes in the gym because I know where they are.”

 Teacher – Ugh,  I need to deliver homework to a student but it isn’t coming up on my phone. A few minutes later, Lori put me in as a contact, screenshot directions on her phone and sent my way.

 A note on the dry erase board above the “copier” happy Friday Lori

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