The Cumberland School Department is pleased to announce Cumberland’s District Teacher of the Year – Jen Marvel.  Congratulations to Jen on this outstanding achievement.  We are very proud of her commitment and dedication to her school, students, and their families.  

Jen was recognized during the May 26, 2022, Cumberland School Committee meeting.  Ashton Elementary School Principal, Nidia Karbonik submitted the following nomination.

Jen Marvel is a Math Interventionist at Ashton School servicing students in grades K-5.   She is a dedicated educator who cares about her students and our school. Ms. Marvel has worked for the district since August, 2006. She started her career as a Special Educator at Ashton School and transitioned to be a math Interventionist in 2012,  in the same building.  

Jen is always positive and willing to help.  She is a solution oriented person who helps problem solve situations as they come up, regardless of what they are, even if they are not related to math and her job. She is often seen working with teachers offering materials, support and training about district initiatives or anything the teachers identify as a need, such as;  IXL, Equip training, RICAS Prep and benchmarking updates. etc. 

Jen models lessons for teachers and helps support the core.  At the start of this year, Jen co-taught Math for a short time to support a new classroom teacher in our school.  Teachers trust Jen and will seek her out for support and advice. She is the building union representative and a member of the School Improvement Team.  She is also a member of Ashton’s Safety Care Team and the head Advisor of Student Council. 

Jen Marvel has an excellent rapport with students. As a dismissal supervisor, she knows all of our students by their name and their families. She is outside doing dismissal duty rain or shine, waving to parents and sending students off with a smile to end their day.  She supports all learners and works with students below grade level in math. Jen keeps an ongoing communication with the teachers and their families, offering resources that can be used at home and in school. Students love when Miss Marvel comes to pick them up each day for intervention and look forward to their time with her. 

As the head advisor for Student Council, Jen helps coordinate many school events and community service activities, such as the Thanksgiving food drive,  The“Start with Hello” Program, Student Council Elections, etc.  

Ms. Marvel is also a member of the Multi-Tiered System of Support Team.  At meetings, she is always professional and shares student and school data in a positive manner. She schedules and facilitates all of the math data meetings for our school. This year, Jen helped complete the Blue Ribbon School Application and volunteered to go to Washington DC to receive the Blue Ribbon School Award with the Principal and our Superintendent, Dr. Thornton. 

Jen stepped up as a RICAS administrator when the Principal needed to go on medical leave, helping to train the teachers and coordinating the administration of the state assessments at our school.  She also helped conduct a parent RICAS workshop for families of students in grades 3-5 and coordinated the before school academic program. 

Ms. Jen Marvel worked closely with Christine Homem and Joe Lennon, the lead teacher, during Mrs. Karbonik’s medical leave. She was actively involved in supporting teachers and helping problem solve situations as they came up. She has a genuine love for our students and the school that can be seen through her work and involvement in the school. Jen is a role model and an inspiration to others. 

Congratulations Jen for being Ashton’s and the District’s Teacher of the Year!  We are proud of you. You work hard and deserve this recognition. 

Nidia Karbonik & Your Ashton Family!


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