Dear Cumberland Families,

In anticipation of the upcoming April break (4/19 – 4/23) and the potential for travel during that week, we would like to remind you of the guidelines established by the RIDOH and implemented by the Cumberland School Department as it relates to travel within the US. Please note the following guidelines:

When visiting a state that is identified as a hotspot within the 50 states or DC:

  • Student is tested day 5 or later after arrival

    • If the test results are negative and your child is asymptomatic, your child may return to school on day 8. (example: family returns from Florida on 4/25 – student quarantines and is tested on/after day 5, on 4/30. Student has a negative test result and is asymptomatic – student returns to school with proof of negative result on 5/3.) Parents must continue to monitor for symptoms for up to 14 days. 

  • Student is NOT tested:

    • Your child must remain out of school for 10 days, returning to school on day 11 if he/she has remained asymptomatic. (example: family returns from Florida on 4/25 – student does not take a COVID test – student returns to school on 5/5). Parents must continue to monitor for symptoms for up to 14 days.

  • If your child has symptoms, your child should not come to school and we ask that they receive a COVID test. 

During your child’s travel quarantine, please note the following as it pertains to learning:

Students in Grades K-8

  • Students will check in each morning for daily attendance and will be marked DLP (Distance Learning Present).  Please use your child’s specific school/teacher process for morning check-in.

  • Assignments will be posted in the student’s Google Classroom(s) to be completed by the end of the school day. (Teachers will not be obligated to provide instruction via live streaming for travel quarantine purposes.)

  • If assignments are not completed, the student will be marked absent for the day. If only part of the work is completed, the student will get partial credit for attendance on that day.

Students in Grade 9-12

  • Students will continue with their class schedule as a Distance Learner. 

We hope that with these procedures in place, students will have an opportunity to continue their learning and quickly rejoin in-person instruction. In order to ensure the safety of all students following April break, we ask that you please inform your school principal of your vacation plans. 


Robert A. Mitchell

Superintendent of Schools

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