Child Outreach

Child Outreach Screening

Every Child; Every Year

Beginning at age three, your child should be screened annually to ensure that he or she meets age-specific developmental milestones.   We encourage you to take advantage of this free service offered to three, four, and five year olds each year by the Cumberland School Department.

What areas will my child’s screening address?

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Language
  • Social Development
  • General Development such as motor skills, memory, etc..

The screening provides a review of child’s skills in these areas, compared to standard milestones or expectations. This screening is different from a medical check-up, and does not take the place of visits to the doctor. This screening is in addition to your child’s medical care, and aims to ensure that your child is typically developing when compared to his/her peers.

Where and when does the screening take place?
The Cumberland School Department provides this screening free of charge, and on-site at all accredited preschools in Cumberland.  You may also make an appointment to bring your child in for a screening, at your convenience.  Taking part in this program, although completely voluntary, is recommended and encouraged by the Cumberland School Department and the Rhode Island Department of Education.

What happens after my child is screened?
The screening results are reviewed by the district’s Early Childhood Coordinator and forwarded to you, the child’s parent/guardian.  You may be asked to bring your child back for a rescreening. Several factors including sleepiness, crankiness, illness, or an off day can impact the results. Rescreening gives our screeners another opportunity to assess your child’s skills when they are at their best. If concerns emerge in a given area of development, you will be invited to a meeting to discuss how you and your child can be supported. The results of the screening are kept confidential unless you would like them to be mailed to your health care provider, your child’s nursery school, childcare center or other service provider.  Screening and early identification ensure children a better chance of success once they enter kindergarten.

How do I schedule a screening for my child?

Please contact Ms. Rachel Powell at 658-1600, ext. 404 or at to schedule your child’s screening. We encourage you to schedule a screening once each year while your child is three, four, and five.  Together, we can help all youngsters in Cumberland learn and grow to their potential.

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